Workin’ on the “Garden Shed”

It’s Labor Day!  What is a more fitting way to spend a “Labor Day, than laboring?  My father-in-law (Opa) came in and spent the day with me working on the “Garden Shed”.  We got a lot accomplished today.

First we were able to get the other two walls up.  The day started out very cloudy, however, the weatherman said, that there would be no rain today!.  The man was right!  No rain.  It also stayed cloudy till at least 1:00pm which was also a plus.

After the walls went up, we added a third window in the rear wall.  Now, the structure has a front door way (no door, yet) and a rear door way (no door, yet, here either).  I am still trying to get a 10 or 15 panel (glass) door for the front, but I was able to find a 5 ft wide roll top door for the rear wall ( the type of door you see on a storage unit).

Next, we were able to install the wood composite main beams across the top of the garden shed.  The lower beam will support the small shed roof on the south side of the shed.  The upper beam will support the larger shed roof on the north side.

More work tomorrow.  Opa’s goals is to have the shed under roof by Wednesday, before the next round of rain!  Well, thats not going to happen.  Some of the wood I am recycling still has nails that need to be removed!  But We still have a few others things that need to be done.  So after work tomorrow, Opa and I will be out working on the garden shed!

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on September 3, 2012.

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