Progress on the “Garden Shed”

Well, things are moving along. Built the first wall and placed the first of three windows.

Hot, cloudy and very humid, today.  It has looked as if it were going to rain all morning. There has been a breeze but the humidity is almost unbearable.  Managed to construct a 12 foot section of wall, then stood the wall upright, that was the easy part.  Next step was to lift wall, to set sill plate down over anchor bolts in the concrete slab.  Not so easy!  However, with a little physics, I was able to do the lift and set the wall in place, all on my own!  To secure the wall I placed 2 braces on the ends and then bolted the sill plate to the slab.

Decided to take a break for the day.  I was exhausted, and very thirsty.

Unfortunately, I broke a very important and well used tool, today!  I was cutting a corner post, when the end drop and snapped off the end of my 8″ Swanson speedline square (high impact plastic), well not that high impact apparently.  well, I use this square on just about every project I have ever done.  But, what’s a new project without buying a new tool!  The only let down to that statement was the new 8″ swnason, speedline square was only $4.00.  On a happy note, I bought the big brother to the 8″ Swanson speedline square, the big 12″ Swanson speedline square.  Woo Hoo!

First wall completed!



~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on August 26, 2012.

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