Materials for the “Garden Shed”

We moved into our new home about 4 months ago, and quickly filled the garage up with lawn equipment, woodworking tools, and Carla’s craft and stamping stuff.  So, I figure out I needed a storage shed.  I priced a few storage buildings at the local home improvement stores, and quickly determined I could probably build and structure cheaper. So, I thought about what it would take, designed the a shed that would have multiple  uses.

Well, I had some 2 x 6 lumber I salvaged from a buddy when he remodeled his “very” large deck. So, I did some internet surfing to see if there was any other material that could be found, to make this construction project  easier on the wallet.

While searching I came across a post about “wooden crates”.  So after making a few calls, I went to a warehouse company in St. Louis, that receives large crates filled with a 264 gallon plastic blatter of “fruit concentrate” from New Zealand.  The crates are made from top quality 3/4″ plywood and 2 x 2 ans 2 x 4 pine and are 44″ wide and 37-1/2″ tall.  I borrowed Opa’s (my father-in-law’s) trailer drove over to St. Louis and purchased 10 large crates.

I took the crates apart and will utilize the panels in building the walls.


~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on August 25, 2012.

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