Garden Shed

Site work was finished yesterday, concrete work today!

Concrete was delivered at 2:15pm today, and the fun began!  Carla said she would be home by 2:oopm today to help, but she didn’t show!  Guess she didn’t want to have any fun. Could have used help on the other shovel!  The driver of the concrete truck, picked up the other shovel and said, you two look like you could use some help!  He later said, this is to much like work!

The concrete pad is finished, now it just needs to cure for a time.

It was hot today, and working with concrete in the heat is not easy.  Ray said, ” I’m glad this thing wasn’t any bigger.

The hard part is completed. Now comes the fun stuff.  Building the shed I designed myself.  The shed will be built using recycled construction materials, recycled wood, scrap and some new material.

During the construction process, I will update the blog on my progress and explain in more detail about the recycled materials being utilized during construction.


Concrete slab completed.

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on August 24, 2012.

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