Shiner, Texas

This morning Carla and I picked up Ray & Claudia, and headed to Shiner, Texas.

Some of you might be wondering “what the hell is in Shiner, Texas?” Well, a brewery! That’s right a brewery, if your from Texas you probably already knew that, if your not from Texas, well sorry! I am not from Texas either, but a least I married a girl from Texas! So, as far as I am concerned I’m a Texan, too. Anyway…

We stopped by the K. Spoetzl Brewery, home of Shiner Bock. Also known as the “little greedy in Shiner”. Here is a list of the beer with a brief description:

Active beers:
Shiner Bock — Spoetzl’s flagship beer. Bock has been brewed since 1913, almost as long as the Spoetzl Brewery has been in business. However, it wasn’t until a few decades ago that Shiner began producing Bock year-round. Bock was considered a lent beer, and therefore was only made around that season. Today 80% of the beer made at the Spoetzl Brewery is Bock.

Shiner Light — Shiner Light is Spoetzl’s lighter version of Bock. Before release, Shiner Light went through a “yes or no” taste-testing ballot by all the residents of Shiner, Texas.

Shiner Blonde — Blonde is the direct descendant of Spoetzl’s earliest brew. Although Blonde has carried numerous names, such as Shiner Special, Shiner Premium, and Shiner Texas Special, the recipe has been virtually unchanged since it was first brewed in 1909. For this reason, Blonde carries Brew Kettle No. 1 on its label.

Shiner Hefeweizen — Hefeweizen is brewed with orange and lemon peels and honey. Hefeweizen is an unfiltered classic Bavarian Wheat beer and is the only beer brewed that is not pasteurized.

Shiner Bohemian Black Lager — Originally a limited edition schwarzbier for the Spoetzl Brewery’s 97th anniversary, it became a permanent part of the brand portfolio in late 2007. Black uses imported Czech Saaz and Styrian hops and dark-roasted malts.

Shiner Kosmos — The original Shiner Kosmos was available in 1999 with a higher alcohol content and a different taste. This re-release is an American Pale Lager style beer available only in Shiner Family Packs, one bottle per six-pack.

“Shiner Old-Time Alt” — is available in Shiner Family Packs (1 bottle per 6-pack) and is the first in the “Brewer’s Pride” Limited Edition series.

“Shiner Light Blonde” — A light beer with only 99 calories.

Seasonal beers:
Holiday Cheer — Cheer is an “old world dunkelweizen” brewed with Texas peaches and pecans. Malted barley and wheat are used.[6] Holiday Cheer replaced Shiner Dunkelweizen as the brewery’s winter seasonal.

Smokehaus — Spoetzel’s smoked ‘sommer’ beer is brewed with pale malt that’s been smoked with native mesquite. Smokehaus has an alcohol content of 4.89 percent by volume and an IBU of 16.

Dortmunder — Spring Ale Dortmunder Style has the malt profile of a Helles, the hop character of a Pils, but is slightly stronger than both. The brew is a renamed version of Shiner Fröst, and was released as the new Spring seasonal in 2011.[7] First brewed in Dortmund, Germany for the hardworking coal miners of the town, this distinctive blend has something you might not expect– a touch of sweetness that quickly fades to a crisp hoppy flavor.

Fröst — Shiner Fröst uses Two-Row Malted Barley, Malted Wheat and Munich Malt for a full bodied flavor. Hallertau Tradition and Spalter Select Hops contribute to the noble aroma. Fröst has an alcohol content of 5.5% by volume, a bitterness of 25 IBU and color of 8 SRM.

Ruby Redbird — This is Spoetzl’s summer seasonal for 2011 and it’s brewed with Texas Ruby Red grapefruit and ginger. This beer uses Munich malt and Mt Hood, Citra and Cascade hops and it is 4.01% ABV.

You can find this list o the Shiner website.

Then we headed back to the Condo and floated the Comal River, one last time, before we head north tomorrow morning, for a wedding in Ennis, Texas.

Last call at Jack’s Old Ice House.







~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 24, 2011.

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