Lazy day

Today started out slow! We had plans to do a few things and go a couple of places, however, sometimes things just change. But on vacation you can do that! So, went to the store to pick up some spray for Carla’s foot. She got bit by a couple of fire ants, last night Fire ants suck! They burn and itch like hell!

Went to lunch at the New Braunfels Smokehouse! I had beef brisket tacos, while Carla enjoyed the BLTT Wrap with German potato salad. Awesome food.

Stop by the Hoffman Carpet store, to surprise Carla’s godmother. We visited with her for about an hour and got a tour of the warehouse, it was actually pretty cool.

Drove out Marion, TX to see Carla’s grandfather’s (Opa) old homestead. Stopped in at Penshorn’s Meat Market. About 4 years ago, a couple of local teens set three building on fire in town. They burned down the meat market, and dance hall, and a tavern. We weren’t able to buy any jerky there last time. This time we were able to get some great jerky!

Picked up Ray & Claudia and headed to San Antonio, to visit Uncle Harry Lee, Aunt Jenny, Darrell and of course, Josh! Josh ask about the boys, he was hoping they were coming to Texas to see him. He decided he would fly to St. Louis this summer and spend the rest of the summer with all of us! We help Harry Lee close up his shop, sat around told stories and drank a few beers! Josh made Harry Lee and Ray a frozen orange juice and vodka. While we were sitting around telling lies, there was a car accident in front of Harry Lee’s shop, so we had to walk out there and see what happened. Nobody hurt! Not much to see! Went back to telling stories and drinking beer.

Aunt Jenny made dinner for all of us! Best food in Texas!

More tomorrow!

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 24, 2011.

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