Just Relaxing and Wining!

This morning we took Kim, Brad and Tristan to the San Antonio Airport. Then headed back to New Braunfels, TX and had breakfast and planned out our day.

Easy planning picked up a map of all the wineries in the area and mapped out our trip. First stop, San Marcos and the Three Dudes Winery. Great winery tasted 6 wines and loved all three. That not necessarily a good way to start a wine tour. Bought 3 bottles, some wine glasses and I got a shirt. Enjoyed a glass while sitting on a wood deck over looking the San Marcos River. Also had some cheese and crackers. It was hot, but breezy so it was a pleasant early afternoon experience. Next stop, was about 10 miles north of Kyle, Texas at the Duchman Family Winery. We enjoyed most of the wines tasted here, as well. Then purchased 3 more bottles. Then it was off to Driftwood, TX. Our next wine stop was Driftwood Winery. Driftwood Winery sits on top of a large hill and overlooks a large valley. It has an awesome view of the hill country and vineyards below. Yes, we bought 2more bottles here also.

We had to cut short our tour, due to existing dinner plans with Uncle Milroy and Aunt Baby. We may strike out tomorrow, and continue our quest for more Texas Wine.





~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 21, 2011.

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