Jennifer’s Wedding

Last night was Jennifer’s Wedding.

Carla’s niece had a small wedding in Clear Springs, Texas, a small community outside of New Braunsfels. It was a non-traditional wedding, just the kind of thing you would expected from Jen.

She was a beautiful bride.

The wedding took place at “The Sons of the Herman’s” Hall, in Clear Springs. A small civic group meeting hall. It was a simple non-religious ceremony. The wedding party danced down the aisle. It fun to see her dad just participate in the “dancing down the aisle”. That was a little out of dad’s comfort zone, but he looked great, and was having fun with it!

The food was great, beef brisket, bratwurst, chicken, beans, potato salad, and coleslaw. And beer,plus we brought our own wine and liquor. A great time was ad by all, well some may have had more fun than others, but they will probably pay for that this morning,

Uncle Jeff and Jack, sang a German beer song. Little Tristan danced all night and was flirting with a little blonde. Brad G. … never mind, don’t need to go there. Brad N. was singing pretty loud. I showed off my river photos, and took lots of pictures of the wedding. Ray and Claudia talked to lots of old friends and relatives. Aunt Lucille, danced with the wedding party as she was heading out the door. It was a great night!

Oh, and before the wedding, back at the Condo, took several photos of the “Boobies in Toobies” on the Comal River….





~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 19, 2011.

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