San Antonio, Remember the Alamo

This morning we stopped by Jeff and Kay’s, and the kids fed the chickens, then we picked up Opa and headed to San Antonio.

We visited the “Alamo”. The Alamo was undergoing several repairs. I guess they have not finished the repairs from the original battle. Just kidding. This year marked the 175th year since the “Battle of the Alamo”. A lot of famous people fought and died in the Alamo. Two names that really stuck out were James G. Garrett and James W. Robertson. These two men knew each other, fought, bonded and died together. Not much different than Bradley L. Garrett and Joe A. Robertson. These two men knew each other, drank beer, floated the Comal River, and fought the River Rats of the Comal together. The only real difference is our battles occurred 175 years later. Now, I am not saying we are related to these men, I will let you make your own decision. But that type of bonding can’t be a coincidence.

Wait, did I mention that we got listen that lesser famous Garrett, sing karaoke. The song…
Lukenbock, Texas, by Waylon Jennings, preformed by Bradley L. Garrett. What a night.

Enjoy the photos.







~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 17, 2011.

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