Illinois Licensed Professional Geologist

I have recently achieved another goal in my career!  I am now a Licensed Professional Geologist in the state of Illinois.  So with that i will share with you the code of Professional Conduct and Ethics.

Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics

A)         Geology is a profession the practice of which requires scientific knowledge, professional experience and judgement and personal responsibility.  Each licensed professional geologist shall be guided by the highest standards of business ethics, honesty, integrity, personal honor and professional conduct in order to safeguard life, health and property, and to promote the public welfare.  The Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics shall be binding upon every person holding licensure as a professional geologist in the State of Illinois. Each licensed professional geologist shall:

1)         Protect to the fullest extent the public welfare and safety;

2)         Not act in any manner that will tend to bring discredit to the honor and dignity of his/her profession;

3)         Not undertake any type of work with which he/she is not competent unless he/she makes full disclosure of his/her lack of training and/or experience to the appropriate parties prior to undertaking the work;

4)         Not act for his/her client or employer other than as a faithful agent or trustee and shall protect to the fullest the interest of his/her employer and/or client so far as is consistent with the law and his/her professional obligations and ethics;

5)         Not use undue influence or offer commissions or otherwise solicit professional work improperly;

6)         Not voluntarily disclose information concerning the lawful business affairs or technical processes of a client or employer without his/her consent, provided that this subsection (a)(6) does not operate to the detriment of public safety;

7)         Not express an opinion that is not founded upon knowledge and honest conviction nor yield to undue and improper pressure;

8)         Avoid misrepresentations of his/her professional credentials and avoid false or misleading claims of his/her capabilities;

9)         Freely give credit for work done by others to whom credit is due and will refrain from plagiarism in oral and written communications, and not knowingly accept credit rightfully due another geologist; and

10)       Not review the public geologic work of another geologist for the same client, except with the knowledge of the other geologist, or unless the connection of the other geologist with the work has been terminated.

B)         It shall be the duty and professional responsibility of every licensed geologist to uphold these standards or ethics and to encourage other geologists by example and counsel to adhere to this Code.  A licensed geologist found by the Board to be in violation of this Code of Professional Conduct may be subject to discipline.

I will be adding more geology related topics in the near future.

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 4, 2011.

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