Vacation’s almost over…

Well, We arrived home friday night about 9:30pm.  It was a long day, we were very tried, yet we stayed up until about 11:00pm, talking to the kids about our trip and playing with the dogs.  Then saturday morning, up bright and early, I know your thinking why so early?  Hell, I don’t know!  Made a hot breakfast for Carla and myself, had coffee, then took care of a few things on the computer.  It was raining this morning, so, we weren’t in any hurry to go anywhere.  Needed a few things from the grocery store, then stopped by my sister’s to show her a few pictures, and fill her in on the family in Germany.  One more day then back to work!

We had an wonderful trip.   So many sights, so much history, and lots of memories.  We made several news friends, like Nora’s parent’s, Roland and Silvia, Lisa’s parent’s, Gunter and Ingrid, and my new best friend Lukas Lex.  I reconnected with Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and all their families.  I have news friends on my facebook page due to our trip, like Eva and Marie Hofstatter.  They will be able to stay in contact and practice their english at the same time.  This trip has been an emotional trip for both me and my wife.  Old memories of my mom resurfaced, and I learn more about my mom, and her family.  It was a wonderful experience.  We can’t wait to go back to Germany soon.  This time we will take all the kids, as well. But they will have to help with cost, if they want to go back!

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on July 5, 2009.

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