Heidelberg Castle

IMG_0568Today Carla and I went to Heidelberg to see the famous Castle.  According to an article about visiting Europe it ranks up there with the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Palace at Versailles.  That’s the truth, too!  It was spectacular!

The day started with a trolley ride to the Mainz train station, then we check on the trains to Heidelberg.  We had 2 options, a non-stop train, which ran later, or change trains in Mannheim.  We were adventurous, and chose the the earlier trains.  We got to Mannheim and had 6 mintues to get to the other platform.  As the gentleman at the information desk said, “No problem”!  Then in Heidelberg , we took a bus to the Castle, and a mountain tram to the Castle.  We spent all morning walking around, taken lots photos, and had a picnic lunch on the Castle lawn.

We walked through old Heidelberg, then took a bus back to the station.  Near the station we sat out side a restaraunt and had a pilners, it was Okay, not my favorite beer.  Then we took a the trains back to Mainz.  Oh, I guess I should mention when we were set to change trains in Mannhein, coming back to Mainz, the train was cancelled.  So, we waited for the next train, about 20 minutes.  No problem!

The photo to the left is a hugh wine barrel!  We thought it was hugh, but this is the small one, the large wine barrel was in the next room.  I think 4 of these could fit in the big one.  We have a photo of Carla on top of it.

After we arrived  back in Mainz, Ingrid Becker (Amy’s host mother) took us to their favorite schnitzel restaraunt.  The food was amazing. Now, we are resting at the Becker’s.  We are going to sit outside in the garden, with Whitney (the german shepard) and play catch, talk, and maybe even have a little wine!  Until tomorrow!

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Heidelberg Castle”

  1. I have enjoy your travels through Germany and France. Now you can see why I stay in Germany for a long time. Have you been to Wiesbaden and Rudesheim. Rudesheim is a wine village on the Rhine River. If you get a chance go there.

  2. That sure is a lot of wine!

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