Back to Germany, for the last few days…

Are plans changed slightly, We left France a day earlier than planned.  Leigh was called back to work and would not have been able to get us to the train station on Tuesday.  No problem though, Gunther and Ingrid (Amy’s host parents in Mainz) invited us to stay with them, and the extra day was not a problem. We know why Amy had such a great time, her host family are great people!  So, this afternoon we strolled around Mainz, this time without the rain, like the first 2 days of our trip here.  We walked through the old town, toured the Mainz “Dom” Cathedral.  A very beautiful 1000 year old catholic church.  WOW!  That beats Trinity’s 75 years.  Then we went by the Gutenberg Musuem, where the bible was first mass produced and translated from its original language, unfortunately the museum was closed on Mondays.  However, the printers were giving some young students a lesson on the printing press.  We ask if we could come in an watch.  One of the printers explained what they were doing and printed out several things for us!  It was really cool to watch.  Then they let us look around, and one of he ladies let me print out a design with a very old Mainz Manhole Cover, so cool!

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 29, 2009.

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