Versailles, France

The Milk House in the Queen's HamletCarla and spent the day alone at the Palace of Versaille today.  It was an amazing day.  We toured the Palace which took about 3 hours.  You are met with a solid gold gate outside the Palace entrance.  The buildings have gold trim work, not just gold leaf paint. Gold trim on the interior of the buildings, marble and intricate wood floors, statues & paintings everywhere, it is just breathtaking. 

There are acres and acres of garden; flower gardens, vegetable gardens, tree gardens and shrubary lining gardens and walkways.  The are flowing fountains throughout the gardens, with bronze statues spouting water.  It was so beautiful.  We walked around for 9 hours, just stopping for about 20 minutes for lunch in the Garden.

We toured the Grand Trianon and the Petite Trianon.  The Grand Trianon was a small Palace of Marie Antoinette.  The Petite Trianon was a even smaller Palace, that felt more like home, althought everything was still stone and marble.

We finally made it the Queen’s Hamlet.  The Queen’s Hamlet is a small country village built by the King for the Queen (Marie Antionette).  The Queen was bored in the Palace and wanted somewhere to go to play.  She would pretent to be ill, so she could hang out with her friends and play in the hamlet.  We were told that, the servants would clean the eggs before Marie Antionetee and her friends would go pickup the eggs from the chickens on the farm.  There are several houses, a farm and several other structures.  Carla is standing by a small lake, in front of the Milk House. 

We are having a great time!  Hope everyone is enjoying the photos!

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 28, 2009.

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  1. the pictures are simply breath taking!

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