Paris, France!

Wow, Amazing!  There are not enough words to discribe the sights we say on our first visit to the city.  Our train stop dropped us off near the Eiffel Tower.  We took the tram ride to the 2nd platform.  There was a computer problem when we arrived, so we only had to pay the childs cost to go up.  22,000 people per hour at peak can go up the Eiffle Tower, I think about 18,000 were there today, but it was so awesome.  Sooooo Cool! 

Then we to a boatbus on the Seine River, which stops at all the museums, cathedrals, and other famous sights.  The boatbus was great, get-off and on all day, for one ticket price.  Best bus in Paris!  We stopped at Notre Dame Cathedral, it was breath-taking, the photos do not begin to show it beauty or history.  Last we went to a Natural history Museum, large botanical gardens, and several Museums, geology, paleontology museum (dinosaurs for those who don’t know geology terms).  We spent almost 9 hours seeing sights, a little walking, and a boat bus tour, looking at old architecture.  If we had to leave today, I would feel we had a wonderful trip in Paris, but we still have 5 more days. 

Tomorrow the Louve, It’s HUGE!  I am so excited about the louve, and my favorite artist Leonardo Da Vince, can’t wait. IMG_0301

I need to mention, Leigh Barret is our host and guide for this part of our trip, she been wonderful.  She has lived here for about 10 years, know the language, and knows french history.  Her and husband Alain will be given us our own private tour during our trip, she has so much planned, I just hope we can keep up (lots of walking)!

The only negative thing during this day was…they wouldn’t let me ring the bells at Notre Dame Cathedral, I would have climbed the over 400 steps to the bell tower.  Quasimoto’s job is safe for now!  (Hunchback of Notre Dame, movie tie-in…Charles Laughton & Maurene O’Hara).

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 25, 2009.

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  1. wow I love your pictures!

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