Arrived in Paris!

Wow, we are now in at Carla’s high school friend residence outside of Paris.  Our train arrived in Paris at 4:50pm (16:50) Paris time.  2 more local trains and a bus ride later and we are at Leigh and  Alain’s home.  It is a small 2 story home, very cozy.  Leigh and her husband have been busy adding on to the home, and Alain has designed and built a cooling system for there home,because the homes here do not have air conditioning.

Today was a travel day for us, so that means 2 things, 1st the weather is wonderful, sunny and warm, it has been cool, cloudy, and has rained a few days while sightseeing; 2nd that means no pictures today, but I did post pictures to the flickr page, so just click on “more photos” to the right.  It has been a long day so I while go for now, I will post a few photos tomorrow!  Hope you have enjoyed the trip so far, more to come!

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 24, 2009.

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