Finally , I can update…

Sorry about not updating the blog more regularly.  There has been a problem between the wireless systems here in Germany.  All is well, we are having a wonderful time and the food, bier and wine is Vunderbar!  I change the heading photo late last night, but this computer is a little slow, so i did not add any information.  I will try upload photos, later tonight.  Keep checking the blog.

Today, we are headed into Austria to visit a castle.  The country side is breathtaking.  We left Mainz, Wednesday afternoon, by train to Passau, which is on the Austrian border.  We arrived about 4:30pm and was met by my Aunt Dori, Uncle Werner, Cousin Christian and his wife.  Aunt Dori looks just a lot like my mom, I almost choke up when we hugged.   Will be staying with my cousing Christian, then heading to Astheim/Volkach  on Sunday.    I will add more tonight.  

About the food, we have had sausage, cheese bread, fresh vegetables, wine, and bier, all delicious, during our trip, so far.  Our goal was to have as much german food as we could try.  First night with Christian´s house, we had a B-B-Que on his brand new grill.  He grill pork meat and sausages, with Texas Chili seasoning and bar-b-bue sauce, so german!!!! What?.   It was great plus homemade potatoe salad, fresh vegetables. Great!!!  Time to go to Austria!

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 18, 2009.

One Response to “Finally , I can update…”

  1. SO glad to hear it sounds like you guys are having a great time so far!

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