We have arrived!

We had a great travel experience.  We arrived in Detroit on time for the first leg of our trip. We had time to freshen up just before boarding the plane to Frankfurt.  The Frankfurt flight was nice, except for about an hour of the flight after the ask of the intercom system if the was a Doctor on board.   Then foe a bout an hour we thought that they might turn the plane around.  Forunately, for everyone, including the patient, we continued.  Arrived about 20 minutes early, then took a shuttle to the train station.  Then we were confused for a few minutes.  Could not figure out how to use the ticket machines for the regional train (metrolink).  Found out later locals think it is to difficult, as well.  Then went to the wrong platform, to see a train cancelled, thought it was ours, that made us a little nervous.  Got to the correct platform, 5 minutes later we were on the train.  We were met by Roland and Silvia.  We dropped off our luggage, then took a walking tour of the city center (downtown and old city area).  We met up with Alex and his friends, exchanged greeting then went on our way.  We tried to sneek into the Catheral to view the dome, Carla got caught, so Me and Roland had to leave, or she would have been mad!  She wasn´t as quick as us.  It began to rain, alot!  So, we bought 2 umbrellas and continued around town (we had an umbrella packed in our luggage and Roland had several in the car).  Mainz was a very important Roman Center around the 1st century, with old ruins preserved around town.    At the end of the tour we stop at a wine house, to try some local wines.  Also, a chance to get out of the rain.  Later, we stopped by the Officer´s club where Roland is a member.   An old building that has been used by the military throughout it´s history.  Even with the rain, we had a good first day.  I will try add information about our trip everyday.  But there is issue with my computer, my wireless signal is not strong,  this post is being typed on Roland´s laptop´.   U

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “We have arrived!”

  1. Don`t get trown in jail in Germany. We don`t have the franks to get you out!

  2. Please tell me you took pictures of the ticket machine. I love to see badly designed stuff, especially from other countries.

    If you didn’t, well go back and take some 😉

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