2nd Day at GyGo

Today was there second day at GyGo.  For those of you who don’t know, what “GyGo” is, (well that would be pretty much all of us) it’s the Gonsenheim Gymnasium, the name of the school the GAPP students are attending.  You would think that would be “GoGy” for short, wouldn’t you?  Well, whatever!  Today was the day of presentations, most of the students had their first of many presentations on American culture.  Frau Bess said, she thinks they all did well.  She also said she was not there all day, and hoped that they all had a good day.  Alex sounds like he is having a good time.  Carla spoke with Mrs. Vogler on the phone and said she is a wonderful person.  They have a lot of things planned over the next two weeks or so, which sounds cool like touring a castle, and other stuff.

We have been able to chat with Alex online early afternoons (our time), after they get home in the evenings, like when he gets online to check his facebook page.   Amy sent emails but ususally asked for more money on the credit card we sent with her.  She shopped alot!  Austin emailed just about every night, and didn’t hardly spend any money.  With Alex, it’s a little more interactive, chatting online we can ask questions about his day.  Which is really cool, and doesn’t cost a long distant phone call.  Well, until I can post something more interesting, thanks for reading, later.

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 9, 2009.

One Response to “2nd Day at GyGo”

  1. It’s GyGo, because it’s actually Gymnasium Gonsenheim.

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