First Day of School for the GAPP Students!

Alex had a restless kind of night, a little jet lag, and a unfamiliar bed, but was ready for his first day at the Gymnasium (high school).  They sat in on their fist lesson, than had a tour of the school.  The school consists of one building, not at all like East’s campus.  They will have access to the library computers to check personal emails while at school.  They had group photo taken in front of the school this morning.  Check out the photo by click on the thumbnail photos on the right side of the page.  Add a comment, so Alex can read what everyone has to say about his trip.

From Alex in Germany…

Well their school is much smaller than East.  It only has about 1000 students from grades 5 to 13.  The first hour starts at 7:55 but I didn’t have to go that early today, because Lorenz didn’t have a first hour today, and the last hour ends at 4:45, but Lorenz only had to go to school until 1:10 which is awesome. 

At the school everyone was very nice.  We met the principle in the morning when we got to school.  In two of the classes we went to today, a student had to make a cake for the class.   The reason they had to make the cakes was a punishment because their cell phones went off during school earlier that week.  Lorenz said that only the higher grades did that, in the lower grades you would get in trouble.  I wish Belleville East had that because at East, if your cell phone went off you got it taken away, but of course my cell phone never went off at school.
 That’s all I have right now, Hope you  are following along!

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “First Day of School for the GAPP Students!”

  1. I have bookmarked your blog and can’t wait to read about your trip! Take lots of pictures, especially of your German family!
    Sylvia O

  2. Wow. I wish East would have did that with cell phones too.. we all would have gotten a lot of cake lol 🙂 Schools sounds a lot different than Belleville!

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