Willkommen in Deutschland!

Mainz Welcomes Belleville

Mainz Welcomes Belleville

They Have Arrived!  Frau Bess is keeping all the parents up to date.  This is so awesome!  An excerpt from the Gapp blog reads…

We arrived in Frankfurt a bit late–some passengers had a luggage issue in Chicago and then we had to wait for our gate to open in Frankfurt. No problems with the passport controls–just nervous students from Belleville, thinking the federal police “looked mean.”
The rest of the German group was waiting for us at the Mainz main train station with this wonderful sign! After the group photo, each student left with their host families–we will meet again tomorrow morning for school.

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 4, 2009.

One Response to “Willkommen in Deutschland!”

  1. After the photo Lorenz and his mother Kersten took me to their house and showed me around. Then we ate lunch around 3:00pm which was white and red wurst. After that Lorenz and I met up with a group of the kids from the exchange and we went to an Eis Cafe(Ice cream shop) and it was delicious.

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