Last night…

The last night before Alex’s trip to Germany.  Carla is  a little stressed, trying to make sure we didn’t forget anything.  Picked up a few snacks, found a few gifts for the host family, checked on the international service for his cell phone, now just need to finish packing his bag.  He is ready to go.  I think he is a little nervous, he has never been on an airplane before, never been away from Mom and Dad that long, either.  He is going to have a great time. Lots of things planned, such as, Castles, German food, museums, hanging out with all his friends, oh yeah, and going to school, giving presentations on American culture, and speaking german.  So cool!  Can’t wait to see all the photos.  I just hope he takes lots of photos.  I will post his exploits when he lets us know what he is up to.

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on June 3, 2009.

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