5, 4, 3 Days to go!

Gapp particiapnts at Belleville East High School

Gapp particiapnts at Belleville East High School

Except for the packing, everything is ready!  Passport, Tickets, Euros, even a power converter, Alex is ready to head to Germany.  The excitement is building and now we just need to get Alex all packed for his trip.

We have so much going on, it will be amazing if we don’t forget something.  Alex is leaving for Germany on Wednesday, Amy is leaving for her mission trip with Robyn and her family on Friday morning to the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Rock Point, Arizona.  Amy and Robyn will be keeping a Blog about there trip, you can follow along after Saturday, at http://garrettsadventure.blogspot.com.  Then Carla and I will be heading to Germany and France on the 14th of June for a 3 week vacation with my relatives in Germany and some friends in France.  So much planning for 3 different trips, I am probably going to mix something up.  Oh, can’t leave Austin out.  He his home from college, for the summer, but he gets to work all summer.  If you want a sandwich, “freaky fast”, call Jimmy Johns, Austin might be the one delivering your “freaky fast sandwich”.  And, don’t forget to “TIP”.

Don’t forget to comment.  We want to here what you have to say.  Thanks and hope you enjoy these posts.

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on May 31, 2009.

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