Countin Down…

Just 23 days till “The Robertson’s European Vacation”.   Look out Clark Griswald.  We are so excited about the trip, so much to see and so many relatives to visit.  Also looking forward to visiting with our exchange students families.  We will arrive in Frankurt on the morning of Carla’s birthday, June 15, and spend 2 nights with The Beckers.  Austin’s host family.  Unfornunately, Nora won’t be there.  She is an Au Paire in Washington D.C.  We will travel by train to Passau, in southeastern Germany, on the Austrian border.  We will stay with cousin Christian and wife Karen, and visit with his mother and father, Aunt Dori and Uncle Werner.  Cousin Oliverand his family live in Passau, as does Aunt Margo and Uncle Rudy.   Christian and Karen will drive us to Astheim/Volkach, which is east of Frankfurt.  We will stay with Uncle Phillip and Cousin Jurgen families.  After about 5 nights we take a train to Paris to stay with Carla’s high school friend Leigh, who has lived in Paris for years.  So many things to see, museums, cathedrals, monuments, and awesome art.  After 5 days in Paris, we have a few days to head back to Germany and see family again before we fly home.  3 weeks sounds like a long time but, I don’t believe we will have enough time to really see everyone.  I am so excited about the trip.  This will be cool.  I could trace the “Rose Line in Paris…like Robert Langdon in the book “The Da Vince Code”.  I had to put a movie reference in there.  Could have been worse I could have made a reference to “The Last Tango in Paris”.  Got to know your Marlon Brando movies…

~ by Joe A. Robertson, P.G. on May 22, 2009.

One Response to “Countin Down…”

  1. I’m not sure about the Last Tango in Paris, I don’t know my Brando movies.

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