Project: Wood retaining wall

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Started another project the other day. Last year we had the sewer line replaced along the north side of the driveway. So there has been a linear mound of soil along the the driveway. This side of driveway also slopes towards the concrete driveway slab and when it rains the soils erodes onto the driveway, causing a muddy mess where Carla parks her car.

Now that the trench area over the sewer has been allowed to settle for about a year, I felt it was about time to dress up that side of the driveway.

Idea: Treated lumber retaining wall, and maybe a flower bed along the edge of the wall.

Length: 21′-0″ long and about 21″ high.

Alex and I started early Monday afternoon. We dug post holes on 3 ft. centers about 18″. It was a hot day! So, before we began, Alex decided we needed a little shade before we started. He figured out if we attached a tarp to a couple of tree branches above our heads and to the Dodge caravan on the other side of the driveway, we would have a nice tent. Sounded like a good idea, so that’s what we did first!

Then we began to dig 8 pot hole, over the next couple of hours. Shade was nice, but it was still hot!



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Another big task completed on the Garden Shed Project!

Finished the roof this afternoon. After a nice day of field work, I came home and with help from Opa (my father-in-law), I was able to finish shingling the roof.   I started about 4:30pm, then shortly after that Opa arrived and we “hit it”.  In about 2 hours we finished the shingles, and cleaned around the shed.  I still have a few small things to do, like the soffits and facia, shelves and work bench on the interior.

Now, The only big task left is the siding.  Installing the siding won’t be the real “task”. The real “task” is getting the siding for a deal!  I had a a couple of siding deals fall though, and I am getting frustrated!  I have some experience with siding., a few year ago I resided my own home.  That was a big project, this one is a little smaller.

Going to make a few calls tomorrow and try to get some siding!

Here are a couple of photos of the new roof!


The color is “Silver Lining”. I thought that was an appropriate color for a roof.


Started shingling the roof!

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Back to work on the Garden Shed today! I spend all day Saturday, installing a new floor for my niece and her husband. It was a long day, but I wanted to be working on my shed! But since Kim ask, I couldn’t turn her down! Plus I had help from my little buddy, Tristan!
I was a great day to be outside working on a roof! I finished the lower section of the roof this afternoon. Tomorrow, my father-in-law will come in and help me finish the other section, before the rain on Tuesday.
Still working on my siding options! Thought I had a deal for siding on Friday, that seemed

Attention to Detail !

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Worked on the Garden Shed, Again today, like everyday!  Well, that is on the days it wasn’t raining.  Weather was great today, it was cloudy, but temperature was awesome. Nice and cool.

Only 3 big things left to do on the shed, shingles, siding and soffit & facia.  So today, was a day to focus on the details.  I put the upper windows in the shed today.  My sister came by and said “Wow, fancy windows for a shed!”  I got a great deal on a pair on transom window at Norm’s Bargain Barn.  The roof for shed was designed to allow more natural light, so a was looking for some smaller narrow windows for this affect, then I found these at Norm’s. I think they look amazing!  Put the trim around all of the windows.  Then I wrap the entire structure in 15lb. felt paper.  The paper will act as a vapor barrier and as cut down on drafts in the cold weather.

Still have work to do!  This project took a lot of planning and designing.  This has been a great project.  Look for more to come!

“Fancy windows for a shed”


Garden shed looking good!

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Great weekend weather!  Great couple of days working on the Garden Shed.  Ray and I got a little help from Cory, putting the plywood on the roof.  Put the roofing felt and the drip edge on the roof, as well.

Finished the front side closed in angled end under the roof.  Still need to close in the rear side, though.

So far, have not purchased any plywood.  Still have a few short pieces left.  Should be able to finish the rear side and around the upper windows, before I run out.

This has been a great project.  All the material has been recycled from other material.  The plywood and some framing pieces came from the large wooden crates I got from a bulk package company in St. Louis.  The framing material came from a buddy’s old deck.   A couple of the small windows came from a family friend who had then stored in his barn for years. One window came from my favorite store Norm’s Bargain Barn.  It was a “display” window in a carrying case.  I did purchase 2 ornate transom windows that will be the upper window overlooking the lower roof, got a bargain from Norm.

I will have to purchase shingles for the roof, I don’t think it would be a good idea to use recycled shingles.  And of course, I will purchase new siding!

Garden shed, almost done!

A Page Change

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Well, I uploaded a few more pictures of the garden shed to show my progress!  Unfortunately, now I have to make a change my blog page.  Apparently, I have reached the limit of my Flickr account.  So I have added another photo sharing website link to share my photos.

So you will still be able to follow along!

Thanks for reading. I hope you continue to enjoy my ramblings.

More work

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Cloudy this morning when I went to work, then a small storm rolled through.  Thought I was going to have a day off, from working on the shed, the rain came through, then this afternoon we had clear skies.  So, I will be working on the shed.

Spent a couple more hours working on the garden shed. Installed a roll top door on the rear wall of the shed.  The door came from and old rental storage facility.  Alex and I picked up the door a few weeks ago, from a storage unit facility that was being demolished.

The door is set and works fine.  I will paint the door to match the exterior once the shed is finished.  Have a few small things to do this week then should be able to set the other rafters this weekend.

5 foot wide roll top door.


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